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Make Money Online with Fiverr step by step tutorial!

How To Make Money Online with Fiverr step by step tutorial!
Hello and thank you for reading my blog post. Okay, so I'm not going to chat for too long because I want to jump straight in and get you started making money

website traffic for article submission

website traffic for article submission!

How to Make Money Online: Making Money with Email Lists - 4k per Month Strategy

How to Make Money Online: Making Money with Email Lists - 4k per Month Strategy Hello reader, here is a cool stuff i have been using to make money online, but now I would like to give back. I found this method where you create an email list and then use that to market (I'm not the first one to use it but it could be helpful to some people). This is the method one of my mentor ANIK called INBOXBLUEPRINT, Basically what you are doing is building a blog and seo optimize it for free traffic or buying solo ads, sending people to a squeeze page and getting them to opt-in to your auto responder, where you can send them cool products. It might sound complicated, but keep reading and it will get cleared up a bit. First I will just give some definition of terms about How to Make Money Online with Email Lists. Squeeze page - This is a webpage that’s entirely dedicated to capturing a visitor’s name and e-mail address. This is what allows direct response marketers to build a list on the Internet … develop a relationship with that list … and then sell products and services to the prospects on that list. Auto Responder - Automated programs which are established to return a prewritten message upon receipt of e-mail. Program will grab the return address from the “header” of the message. Typically, these programs will send out the canned message within seconds of receipt. SLO - Self-Liquidating offer. Pretty much means however much you spend on solo ads, you will have this offer on the other end, making almost all if not more of your money back (usually more, but we'll get into this later) Conversions - People who Opt-in to your email list. Basically the higher the conversion rate, the better your squeeze page is and the more sales that you make. You want to have a high converting squeeze page. So now that you know the basic terminology of How to Make Money Online with Email Lists, we can get started. I will try to be as thorough as possibly. The Whole Idea: You want to build the biggest email lists possible. On average, per month, for every subscriber on your email lists you would make $1. If you have 100,000 people on your email lists, and you send out an email promoting a product where you make $50 per sale and only 2% bought it, you would make $100,000. From sending 1 email. Now obviously this is rare, but if you send emails every day, you can easily make $40,000 a month from this method alone. Now to the prices of solo ads. You can buy a click for about $0.35 on average, so say you have 25$ to start. You can buy about 71 clicks. From those 71 clicks, 28 Opt-in to your email lists. They are then sent to your SLO and 2 people buy it. You will make all of your money back and more. That's an average 28$ a month just from 1 ad, and you have your money back from the SLO. Now let’s say you buy some every week adding 25$ each time, but including the money you previously made. The nest week, you send out 142 ads. 56 Opt-in and 3 sales. You made the money back plus 58 subscribers. Now you are making money online around 80$-90$/month. Within just 3 months, you would have about 2,500 people, and thus around 2500$/month. At 6 months, 10,000 opt-ins, 10k a month, and at just 1 year 40k people and 40k a month. Just remember we are talking about average statistics. Some could be more and some could be less; nothing is guaranteed, but it is likely you will have similar results. Some people say the money is in the list, but really the money is in your relationship with the list, so be as nice as possible and build a character that is easy to relate to. Now let’s get down to business. Step 1: You want to find a good product to promote. Since this doesn't require SEO (Unless you want to get more Opt-ins to your email lists by using this method with SEO ...) you should choose one with a high gravity. I go to CBengine to find products or go to Find one with a high gravity and go check it out. If it looks nice and professional, choose it. I recommend going on YouTube and looking for a review and what you will learn when someone buys this. Write down/type a few key points. You will need this for step 2. Step 2: Time to make a squeeze page. I use which is one of Russell Brunsons products. It is completely free to use and it makes unique, high-converting squeeze pages. It basically makes it look nice. What you want to do here is either make a video explaining what you get and why you should buy this product, or you can just put bullet points (it automatically makes the bullets into green check marks which will increase conversions.) Then you will need an autoresponder to make a opt-in form. I will talk about this in the next step. Step 3: Now you need an autoresponder. The best one out there use to be Aweber. Everything with it use to be the best, including customer service. It is 1$ for the first month, but if you want a free one for the first month, i recommend you go with because that is what i am using right now and their services is ok. I highly recommend going with , because it is hard to transfer your list later with aweber and they have been having serious problems of recent. You want to set up your web form (with the thank you page being the offer you are promoting) and get the html code from it. Then paste the web form html code in the squeeze page (there is a box in the setup that requires this, you can't miss it). I won't go too much in depth on this because you can look it up on YouTube. You need to set up your follow up messages too. You can see how to do this on YouTube (it’s VERY hard to explain without a video, so try to find one there). You should have about 14 emails ready to send out throughout the next month. After that month, you will have a very good relationship with your list. You can now send out broadcasts and products that you are promoting. Soft sell them. Also, always cloak your links. You can look up how to do this on YouTube (who would have guessed: P). NOTE: I can't stress how important it is that you test all of this (With respect to making sure they are being send through your affiliate link and everything. You don't want to be sending 1000 clicks through the offer and not your affiliate link). Once that is done, you want to start sending traffic, which brings us to step 4. Step 4: There are a lot of solo ad providers. I only go with ones that have good reviews. You usually can find this with Reed Floren's reviews ( You can read more about solo ads there. You can usually get about 100 clicks for 40$. Remember, this is HIGH quality traffic. I just recommend staying away from Bilaal Hussain, he doesn't deliver as promised. Everyone else seems good though. Some you will need to write a swipe for, other will do it for you. A swipe is just an email for the advertiser to send to his/her list. Just write something that you think will convert well... Mini pre-selling sort of. Just make sure to start small, with the lowest offer they have, and if it works for you, then move up to the bigger ones. Step 5: Make sure you are consistent. Always check to see how many opt-ins you have and how many sales, and always cloak and track your links. Build a good relationship with your list and you will be successful. I AM BOI MONDAY, AN INTERNET MARKETER, HOME BASED SMALL BIZ EXPERT, EXPERT IN BLOGGING, and TUTORING Also AN ECOMMERCE ASSOCIATE WITH Please connect with me at my official facebook page at or and don't be selfish with this, just share it with your friends on facebook and other social networking sites. Always check my blog for some great post you may love at If you have not join my mailing list yet where I coach my subscribers for free how to make money online,
kindly enter your details below to watch the video of free ways to make money with done for you system And join them; you will be glad you did. FREE Download get my step by step tutorial Blueprint on How To Make $3000+ Per Month, Also check out how to MAKE $50 ONLINE TODAY OR I WILL PAY YOU $5 FREE FOR WASTING YOUR TIME at


The Successful Mind Set; This mind set is universal and it holds high influence in learning anything new. 1. Goal Setting – we have a “center force of character” which is our desire / goals. This “center force” unites our thoughts and actions. Goals are the beacon to keep us in a successful path. Once you achieve your goals you must set newer & more challenging goal for the quest of improvement (primary goal). Tips for setting goals • Write down your reasons why you want to achieve these goals and what will happen if you don’t (pros & cons). This will clarify your desires and give you a stronger motivation to achieve them (if there is a will there is a way). • Short-term goals – for a short-term goal, the shortest should be a week, and longest 3 months. Set high challenging short-term goals to force focus in achieving your long-term goals. These Goals have to be big so that it will force a daily focus to manage time and action. • Write a Daily To-do List – The goal of the to do list is to bring you towards your main goals. Prioritize your list on what will bring you closer to those goals. Should be a short list at most of 5 things. 2. Failure is your Ally - Don’t’ expect an over-night success. In anything you do in the beginning you will fail more than you will succeed. But these failures will provide you information to improve. And that is the ultimate goal, to improve yourself, to improve your business, to improve your conversions, to improve your sales. Always seek to improve even when you’re already successful. You can always improve never forget that! Tip to keep Failure as an Ally! • Track & Analyze – Always monitor all influential parts of your attempt to achieve anything. It doesn’t have to make sense in the beginning. As long as you can process the information, your intuition will try to match your goals and give you the results your looking for. • Be a researcher – researching tests the information that we already have in order to improve it (this information might be from failure or success) • Be resourceful – if you really want to be successful, be creative, seek solutions around obstacles that would stop most people on their tracks. If there is a will there is a way. Don’t give up! 3. Just get it done – don’t get stuck perfecting your products or squeeze page in the creation process. The goal is to get it done. A saying I heard in the warriorforum “if you are satisfied with your product before you launched it, you launched too late.” Avoid building your masterpiece right now. You can build on your masterpiece along the way.   If You Are Not List Building - You are not Building a Business… There are many different “business models” that can earn you money. But with list building once you get people to sign up to your list, it is yours. You have their permission to send them emails and make money during the process. Let’s look at other business models: SEO – Search Engine Optimization can direct quality targeted traffic to a blog or website by getting on the first page of a targeted keyword on the search engines which can translate into income. A lot of people made a lot of money with this as a primary approach. But also a lot of people lose their rankings & Income due to Google constantly changing the game. PPC – Pay Per Click is also a great way to quality targeted traffic. But biding keywords tend to start yielding high value costing more per click. Eventually sales will barely cover your PPC cost. Social Media Marketing – Facebook is a great way to brand yourself and drive traffic to a blog. But not so good for hard sells pitches. The main problem is Facebook tends to change every now and then whenever they feel like it. While the above traffic sources are great secondary sources but relying on them leaves you at the mercy of their will. With an email list, you own your own traffic and can broadcast to thousands and earn money instantly by a push of a send button. Quick Outline of this List Building Action Plan Traffic > Squeeze Page > Offer > Conversion = $$$$ Primary Goal: Building a List (Main Asset) Secondary Goal: Redirect Traffic to an Affiliate offers as soon as they opt in & make some extra CASH! There are different types of funnels you can try, which you will get when you read the full report on this email list building business on my blog, kindly visit my blog below and read the entire report for free and learn the everything you need to learn about this business. Let’s Get Started Simply follow the step below to get started with your list building business. Step 1: Pick a Niche & stick to it! If you are new I recommend starting on the “Make Money Online” Niche. Here are a few other niches you may want start in: • Fitness • Dating and relationships • Dog training • Real estate etc You can get more niches by subscribing to niche a day newsletter. The main key to consider before picking a niche is that you should be able to get a lot of traffic easily 1. Does clickbank or tripleclicks have good converting products on the niche? 2. When google search your niche are there ads? 3. Does nextmark have email lists on this niche? 4. Can you provide a lot of ongoing content on this niche? 5. Does amazon make a lot of sales on this niche? Step 2: Creating a Squeeze page A Squeeze page will be a landing page with the sole purpose of capturing email for follow-up marketing. Obtaining the persons information is done through a bribe such as a free report, free video, or free audio. Capturing emails into an email auto responder will be our main goal to build your asset, your list! Below is a Squeeze Page Example (You can download this below: FREE Download step by step tutorial Blueprint on How To Make $3000+ Per Month, download it here

How to Make $100 per Day in the Next 72 Hours as a paypal account admin manager without Investment!

How to Make $100 per Day in the Next 72 Hours as a paypal account admin manager without Investment!
Hello Reader, Thank you for reading my blog and keeping up with me. Just ensure you bookmark this blog and always come back to read the posts as i update it with cool stuff you will need. If you have not yet join my newsletter group, you are missing a lot of information and free reports on how to make $100+ per day that i only share with members. Just go to and join them. Or enter your details below to download my $3000+ a month report Here is a quick way of making $50+ per day over and over again for free if you live in a country listed on paypal website. One of the methods to use in making up to $50 -$100 daily is to be a paypal account admin manager to those people who lives in countries that were not listed on paypal website {problem}Can you offer the solution?
It involves opening and verifying paypal account for people living in countries not listed on paypal website, buying things for them, paying for services for them with paypal, doing account sms/voice verification such as craigslist sms verification as well as opening & verifying paypal account for them based on their choices and they will be paying you for the services. An example of company offering this services is called GRAPHCARD (LFR COMMUNICATIONS INC.) What you should know is that there are thousands of marketers and online shoppers living in countries that were not listed on paypal, ebay, moneybooker, payzer, clickbank websites etc. These guys are suffering a lot as a result of their countries not been listed on paypal website and they are looking for solution to this problem. You and i knows that to be a successful internet business man or marketer, you need a paypal account either for payment of services online or for purchasing of products as well as to receive your internet affiliate marketing earnings. To venture into this business, all you need is your personal paypal account, your proof of identity such as driving license, your credit or debit card which i will also show you how to get it online, your utility bill, your phone number & my step by step procedure which i am also going to walk you through. Once you have all these requirement, you only need to 1. Open as much paypal accounts as possible and resell them to those who want paypal account for internet business. 2. Open one for your personal money transfer to your bank account and another one for your clients to be used in paying for goods and services for those that want you to buy things for them with paypal. If you are ready for this biz, reply me at [] to show that you are set and i will coach you online through {facebook chat:} or {yahoo messenger chat: emekusguy} or through {skype: boi.monday} how to do this business without having any problem with paypal and your clients. If you have any these documents ready now, just head over to and register an ECA Account. it is free and you are not going to buy any thing but you will be making money with it without spending money. Part2: How to make $50-$100 per day as paypal account Admin/manager: Step by step procedure to list your product for sale at tripleclicks ECA If you have registered your ECA account, Here is what you will do now, if you have not followed my instruction before, go and repeat the steps again by, First registering to be an ECA with tripleclicks here and wait for the application to be approved usually within 1-2 working days. As soon as you receive an email that your ECA account has been approved, go and list your first product following these 16 step procedure. The reason I am emphasizing on you repeating this step is because some people have already missed the logic of making $100+ in your first day of product approval. This is because we want to use this free traffic that tripleclicks will send to us as new ECA member to make sales. The second reason I want you to follow my procedure, is because I don’t want a situation where you will come and tell me it is not working mean while you were the one that failed to follow instructions. If you have already open an ECA account for more than 2 days without product on it, I advice you go and Re-open another one following this procedure without missing any step. This is because if you did not follow the link above to register, it means you are not in my team and you will miss the next step. Therefore, if you encounter challenges along the line or you got confused about some things and you ask me questions later, I will not answer your questions. Is that clear? Now this is what you will do, login to your ECA account after it has been approved, then click on "E-Commerce Associates (ECA) Center" below “logout” button. After it has opened, click on "List an individual product for sale" after that, fill the form as follow: 1. "Item Name*" write the title of the product you want to list e.g. 'how to get already verified paypal account with visa card even when your country is not listed on paypal website!' 2."Item Number" write any number you want to use to identify your product e.g. "762856" just ensure that the number is not more than six digit. It is the number of the item that will be given to customers when they purchase the product. This number must be different from any other product number you have listed or you would list later. 3. "Keywords*" Enter keywords that customers would search on to find this item. You can get list of keyword people are searching for using google keyword tools. Just search on google for keywordtools, you will need a gmail account to be able to use it e.g. " my paypal account" this is been searched 5,400 times monthly, " paypal business account" this is also searched 2,400 times monthly, " how to setup a paypal account" this is searched 2,900 times monthly, " paypal account login" this always receive searched volume of 3,600 times monthly. 4. "Department/Subdepartment(s) **"Select the best department for your product. Sub-departments may also be available, which will be displayed in the pull-down menu after you've chosen the department. Select as many sub-depts as you want. Note: If your product is digital, you MUST select the Digital Downloads department. e.g."Digital Downloads"- then sub-department "ebook"- "special report". 5. "Description*" write what you want your customers to know about your product that will make them buy it. e.g. "how to get already verified paypal account with visa card even when your country is not listed on paypal website! This is a report that will show you how to get your own paypal account in less than 48 hours even when your country of residence is not listed on paypal website. I will also show you how to get visa card to verify your paypal account in less than 5 minutes and I will also show you how to operate your paypal account without the account been limited by paypal due to ip address. So what are you waiting for? Get this report now and start enjoying paypal services like those living in countries listed on paypal website." 6. "Choice Menus" just leave this column empty as it is. 7. "Standing Order" Select an option to allow this product to be placed on a Standing Order, which creates a monthly recurring order for the buyer. Just select by clicking "Standing Order Eligible" and leave every other thing as it is without changing anything. 8. "Regular Price" just write the normal amount the product will be purchased outside tripleclicks website e.g. 100 and leave the currency as "united states dollars" 9. "TripleClicks Retail Price" Though not required, this price should be less than your above regular price so as to show a TripleClicks discount. This is the price you want to sell the product. Just write any amount you want to sell the product. In this place write the amount you want to use in opening and verifying the paypal account for the customer. e.g. $25, $27, $35 etc just write the amount if you want to use tripleclicks to do the transaction or write just $2 to use digital currency to collect the remaining money from the client after you have chat with the customer and you have known what the customer wants. 10. "Wholesale Price %" This is the % of your Retail Price retained by TripleClicks on sales. Minimum is 15%. Maximum is 50%. Just write the commission you want to give tripleclicks from the sales of this product. This is the commission any tripleclicks affiliate will be paid if they send customers to buy product from you. E.g. 35%, 40% 45% etc I usually use 40% of the retail price so that people will like to help me promote the product in other to earn commission from the sales made. 11. Click on "CONTINUE" 12. "Post Photos Of Your Product" Photo(s) Optional: Upload up to three photos of your product. Photo #1 should be your best photo. You may also include captions for each photo if desired. For best results, please upload images 15MB or smaller in .jpg format. Note: we reserve the right to reject photos that do not fit these guidelines. Your uploaded photo should be displayed to the right. If a photo does not look correct or does not appear, you will need to upload a different picture or make changes to the photo you've chosen and re-upload. ENSURE THAT YOUR PHOTO DOES NOT HAVE URL IN IT. Just look for any picture to show already verified paypal account. You can snap the screen shot of your personal paypal account showing that it has been verified. 13. Click on "browse" and select the photo from your computer and click on "upload". 14. Click on "CONTINUE" 15. "CONFIRM YOUR LISTING" Carefully review and confirm everything in your listing is correct. If you need to edit your listing, click the MAKE CHANGES button and edit as needed. Once you have everything exactly as you want it, click the LIST IT! Button. 16. "THANK YOU" This confirms that your listing has been submitted for publication. Listings will typically appear online within 1 business day. An e-mail will be sent to you upon approval of your listing. You may want to print out this page for your records. Sales notifications, earnings checks, and other communications pertaining to this listing will be directed to your email on file. That's all how to list your product for sale. ALREADY MADE PAYPAL ACCOUNT VERIFIED WITH VISA CARD FOR SALE GET YOUR OWN NOW BY CLICKING HERE! OR GET YOUR OWN ALREADY MADE PAYPAL ACCOUNT VERIFIED WITH VISA CARD HERE! ALREADY MADE PAYPAL ACCOUNT VERIFIED WITH VISA CARD NOW AVAILABLE FOR SALE! HAVE YOU BEEN TRYING TO DO BUSINESS ONLINE, ONLY TO DISCOVER THAT YOU ARE LIMITED TO WHAT YOU CAN DO SIMPLY BECAUSE YOU DO NOT HAVE A PAYPAL ACCOUNT TO MAKE PAYMENT AND RECEIVE YOUR AFFILIATE EARNING? OR YOUR COUNTRY IS NOT LISTED ON PAYPAL WEBSITE? IF YOUR ANSWERS TO THE ABOVE QUESTIONS ARE YES, THEN YOU ARE IN THE RIGHT PLACE AS YOUR PAYPAL NIGHTMARES ARE ABOUT TO COME TO AN END. YOU CAN NOW GET YOUR OWN PERSONALIZE PAYPAL ACCOUNT WITHIN 48 HOURS... AFTER COACHING MY MAILING LIST SUBSCRIBERS HOW TO MAKE $100+ DAILY JUST BY OPENING AND VERIFYING PAYPAL ACCOUNT FOR PEOPLE LIVING IN COUNTRIES WHERE THEY DO NOT HAVE ACCESS TO PAYPAL ACCOUNT, MY GUYS ARE NOW OPENING AND VERIFYING PAYPAL ACCOUNT FOR PEOPLE LIVING IN COUNTRIES NOT LISTED ON PAYPAL WEBSITE. THIS IS A WORKING PAYPAL ACCOUNT VERIFIED BY MY TEAM MEMBERS AND NOW IS AVAILABLE FOR SALE. YOU TOO CAN START MAKING $100+ PER DAY DOING THIS BUSINESS. GET YOUR COPY NOW AND START THIS BUSINESS! THIS IS STRICTLY BASED ON FIRST COME, FIRST SERVE. PRICE $37 GET YOUR OWN NOW AT Or send me an email to requesting how to get your own verified paypal account. As soon as the product is approved, the next thing to do to make any amount of money you want is to drive traffic to your product. This you can do by posting on forums and newsgroups and writing about how to get paypal account for people living in countries not listed on paypal website. Thank you! Boi Monday!! FREE Download step by step tutorial Blueprint on How To Make $3000+ Per Month, download it here

Get Paid $70.00 to $135.00 Per Sale In This Affiliate Program!

Get Paid $70.00 to $135.00 Per Sale In This Affiliate Program! Our program is free to join; it's easy to sign-up and requires no technical knowledge. Affiliate programs are common throughout the Internet and offer website owners an additional way to profit from their websites. Affiliates generate traffic and sales for commercial websites and in return receive a commission payment. Plus, take advantage of these rewarding features: Earn from $70.00 to $135.00 per sale - Take advantage of the highest payout in the web hosting industry. 1-6 sales per month pays $70.00 per sale 7-12 sales per month pays $90.00 per sale 13-19 sales per month pays $115.00 per sale 19+ sales per month pays $135.00 per sale Doesn't require a hosting account with us - You don't need to have an account with us to sign up. Start earning today. Monthly Payouts - Get paid on the the first week of every month by check or paypal. Initial Commission - Get $10.00 just for signing up! Custom Coupons - Create your own Arvixe coupons! Only 60 days of hold period - To verify the orders for fraud, we only delay the commissions for 60 days (our money back guarantee period). After that, the commission is all yours. How Does It Work? When you join our affiliate program, you will be supplied with a range of banners and textual links that you place within your site. When a user clicks on one of your links, they will be brought to our website and their activity will be tracked by our affiliate software. You will earn a commission based on your commission type. Real-Time Statistics and Reporting! Login 24 hours a day to check your sales, traffic, account balance and see how your banners are performing. Get started below FREE Download step by step tutorial Blueprint on How To Make $3000+ Per Month, download it here

How To Make Money Online: How I Made $193 In Less Than 1 Hour And WHAT TO DO TO MAKE $200+ A WEEK...

How To Make Money Online: How I Made $193 In Less Than 1 Hour And WHAT TO DO TO MAKE $200+ A WEEK...
What i did was part of the training i have been giving my followers and subscribers at . The program was launched recently and is currently trending. most marketers are already promoting it including my mentor Anik. You know any product i see these guys promoting, you know is a product that will make you money very quickly. So what i did was to check out the landing page and the offer sites as well as the design to see if the product will convert well. The next thing i did was to send out the same exact promotional email i received from my mentor to my autoresponder list, then i created a quick optin page for the product at and redirect the visitors to my affiliate link at . Instantly, i placed a google adword ads to drive traffic to the landing page and also mailed out solo ads as i explained below: How To Make Money Online: WHAT TO DO TO MAKE $200+ A WEEK... The first thing you need to do right now is to go to and register a free account to start building your autoresponder mailing list if you have not done so. They offer 30 days free trial as a beginner. Then create a free optin page using getresponsepages free hosted pages if you don’t want to buy a domain name and hosting plan. How to go about it? Step one, login to your getresponse account, then go straight to the top right hand side of the page and click on “landing page” Then click on “create new” landing page After it has opened, kindly fill the detail you want to be on your landing page such as the title you want to use. Let the title be as catchy as possible so as to attract people to optin to your page. Here are the sample capture pages headers or titles I used How do I get these landing page designs? To get as many landing page title design as possible and of good conversion, just subscribe to any guru or internet marketing expert’s newsletter. When you get to their landing page or optin page, use screen capture software like photoscape to capture the image and edit it to your choice. Then use the image as background image on your getresponse landing page setting area as shown below but if you have already registered your own domain at, you can click on the link shown below to supply the domain registration details then click on next step and select the landing page design template you want to use “white clouds orange” as my template You can choose any of your choice and edit it to fit what you want. Then, remove all the elements that came with it leaving only the optin box behind and insert the image you captured. Then click on save & publish and you will see that your page is ready as shown below Then click on “view my landing page online” and you will see that your landing page is ready to start capturing names and email addresses of your visitors as shown below Then the next thing to do is to track the landing page visit by using any free services like,,, or buy any paid one you like the lik track or if you have your site up and running, install and integrate google analytics. The purpose of this linktrack is to track the performance of your link and to know how many people visited your link, how many people bought the affiliate product etc this you will also track with your getresponse page when you login. The next thing to do is to create our autoresponder messages and autoresponse information so that when people optin, we will be able to deliver the free reports and also teach them how to make money with it as well as redirect them to the affiliate site we are promoting. Step2: Creating the Autoresponder This is where we will follow up with our subscribers giving them value and recommendations to affiliate products. Day0 is to deliver the thank you report which is instantly, Day 1 & day 2 = download page or how they can get the free product/report you promised them. Day 3-5 = Promoting the affiliate product with different subject lines and body Start creating autoresponder messages that will be automatically delivered to your subscribers any time they optin on autopilot. First thing to do is to create the first message which will be delivered on day 0 which is immediately after they subscribe to your list. This first message should be a thank you message and should contain the link to download the free report that you promised them. This is how to go about it: Click on messages, then click on “create autoresponder” then Then set the day to “0” which mean it should be delivered same day and immediately after they optin. Then click on “create new email” and fill in the information as shown below then select the template you want and edit the template by replacing the messages there with your own message as shown below Once you are through, just click on next and follow the instruction to publish it. Now here is how to make money with your autoresponder messages Step 3) Tracking & Conversions Remember what I said in the successful mind set section of the $3000+ a month report? It applies here. You can download your own copy here Tracking is going to be very important in your success in Internet marketing. It will be vital to your success. You need to monitor your funnels performance. - Sign up to Google Analytics - configure it when selecting google analytic inside the email messages you are to send on day 0, follow the instructions. Tracking is the most important part of this process. It’s the only way we can improve the performance of funnel! Squeeze/optin Page conversion goals 50% & up Offer Page conversions goals 3% & up from affiliate offer. Step 4) Traffic Generation 4a) Solo Ads Once everything is up & running  Squeeze/optin page  Your free product/report  Offer page i.e. the affiliate product you want to promote or your own offer product to sell  Download Page or attachment to email  Autoresponder messages  Tracking Now it’s time to drive traffic to your squeeze/optin page. Solo Ads is the best way to start and it’s also my #1 bread & butter source of traffic. Go to to buy solo ads Some key things to search for:  $0.40 per click  10 ratings and up with at least 95% positive reputation  Start off with 100 clicks  70% Tier 1 Traffic: US, UK, Canada Use Solo Ads to test and tweek your squeeze page to bring it up to a 30%0 50% conversion rate. Once that’s good try out these other traffic strategies. 4b) Google adword or you can get my latest discovery which is already on sale at my store here "How To Pay Less Than $0.02 Pay Per Click & Get $0.016 Pay Per Converssion with adwords Right Now" it only cost $5.95 4c) Forum Posting Forums is a good way to get quality traffic for free but not as fast as ppc or solo ads. Adding a link to your squeeze page on your signature can drive tons of traffic to your site or affiliate link. In the Internet marketing forum its also a great way to learn/ stay inform of what’s going on in internet marketing space while promoting your squeeze page at the same time. The key thing is to post quality replies and suggestions. Join the 4c) JV Giveaways JV giveaways can build your list very fast. I try to catch all the jv giveaways if possible. A JV giveaway is a group of contributors which (including you) submit a gift to giveaway. Then each contributor promotes, driving traffic to the giveaway when it launches. As a result people subscribing to contributors list to get the product they want. 4d) Free Warrior Special Offer At the Warrior Forum you can post a product to sell or give a product away for free aka WSO's. There are thousands at a time viewing this section of the forum giving you lots of exposure. Simply Post a Free WSO that points to your optin page. You can promote multiple WSO's and launch a new one every day. 4f) Banner Ads This is about buying ad space on other people’s site. Search for websites related to your niche that getting high volume of traffic. Then contact the webmaster and arrange a deal to run your ad on their site for a month. Use to research website traffic. As You can See Traffic is the Easy Part. There are unlimited ways to drive traffic to your squeeze page but these are the main methods. The important part is taking action on these traffic sources. Create a plan to implement these strategies and stick to it. BONUS TRAFFIC SOURCE - Paid To Click (PTC) Great place for traffic. Since These guys are paid to click, it will take more clicks per conversion. But is still good quality traffic. These guys are trying to make money online. Sign up at  Start off with 20,000 Ad Credits (only $31.00) this will give you 4000 Clicks.  Mini Exposure (15 Seconds)  By Country Select USA/UK/AUS/CAN Before Trying out all these different traffic strategies it is important that you have tested your squeeze page with solo ads with at least 200 clicks at an opt in rate of 30% or higher. To show you guy how i get informations before hand, below is an email i receive from another of my mentors. It contains great informations that you guys may love: Title: Have you started promoting 12SC? Inbox x Yanick Bernier 9:14 PM (7 hours ago) to me Hi Boi, Do you plan on promoting 12Second Commute? Here is a page I have created to give you the ads I use and also a list of the ad sites I use to promote 12 Second Commute: Feel free to use any of the ad templates I use or come up with your own, your choice :) 12SC is a great product/service, it offers tools that EVERYBODY who wants to market online needs, so it's a wise decision to add 12SC into your marketing efforts. Stick with it and never give up. Too many people give up before they even earn their first dollar online. Here is the page for the ad templates and ad sites again: Take care and talk to you soon first_name! Warm Regards, Yanick Bernier P.S Just in case you haven't already, you still have 5 days to grab Lifetime "Plus" membership at 12SC for only $10 one-time. Here's your login link: Yanick Bernier, 68 Teesdale Street, Moncton, NB, E1A 5K5, Canada ============================== ====================== If you wish to be removed, kindly click the following or paste it in a browser and hit enter:" So guys! That was the message sent to me by one of my mentors Yanick by name. i have not started promoting the product he is talking about but i found something good in the email, that is the reason i lifted it out for you guys to see. Here is the thing inside the mail i want you to enjoy: Advertising Sites List Viral Mail Profits Email Hog Classifieds Ad Board My Traffic Multiplied The Thank You Ad Network Instant Banner Ads Total Ad Explosion Contact Solo Safelist The Lead Magnet Email Traffic List List Adventure List Jumper Viral Nugget Build My Downlines Super Solo Ad Network Solo Advertising Network Sugar Mailz Ultimate Solos Super Solo Advertising Monster Solo Service Peak Performance Adz List Nano List OutBreak List Effects Traffic Eruption Viral Ads Unleashed Downline Builder Direct List Million Power List Mailer Nitro List WorkFor3Dollars Mailer Instant Cash List Marketers List Power List Marketing Power Profit List Quick List Profits The Instant Cash List Your Huge List Buzz Bee Advertising Mailer Fast Track Traffic Infinity Adz Mailer Instant Profit List List Zillion Credit Mailer Lists N Profits Explosive Solo Ads Micro Power List Monster Traffic Store The Internet Ad Store Turbo Traffic Hits Viral Traffic Outbreak Perfect Traffic Storm High Traffic Mart Express Solo Ads Super Solo Ad Network Traffic Pro List Crazy List Mailer List Ad Exchange Marketers Traffic Vault Dynamite Safelist Free Bee Safelist Get Traffic For Life Schnaap Viral List Generator Instant Blog Subscribers List Building Maximizer Ad Tactics Ad SolutionLine Global Safelist GOT Safelist Guaranteed Results 4U List Insomnia List Joe List Surfing My List Frog Reactive Adz Safelist XL State Of The Art Mailer The List Auction Viral Ad Store Your EZ Ads Your Lucky List Professional Advertising And Marketing Tropical List 1 Million Free Ads 10 Million Hits 3 Is A Charm Active Safelist Ad Pirate Ad Troopers Adchiever Ads Express AdsWithResults4U Adz2Quik Avalanche Safelist I have not tried these ads sites myself but if you can, go ahead and try them out and give me a feed back. if they are ok, i will join through your affiliate link. Bauser's Best Advertising List Business Wold List Advertise Free For Life CrocsHideAway Safelist Dustys Magical Marketing Effective Safelist EMarketSafelist Eu Finally, Tracking Conversions (VERY IMPORTANT) Your ability to track traffic & conversions is the most essential part of any business. Your main focus should be on your conversions. You need to track:  Where the Traffic is coming from  Which Traffic Opts in your squeeze page  Which Traffic Bought Your Offer If you’re on a budget just focus on buying 2 solo ads a week Find an affiliate offer that pays out $47 per sale (easier if it’s your own product). $0.40 x 200 clicks = cost $80.00 30% of the 200 clicks subscribe to your mailing list = 60 subscribers 10% of your subscribers buy the affiliate offer = 6 sales 6 sales x $47.00 = $282.00 in commissions $202.00 Profit. This will not happen off the bat. In the beginning stages our goal is to trade money for information on our funnel performance (Tracking is essential!). You will need to track & test different offers to improve conversion rate & profits. But Your Squeeze page should easily convert 30% while my squeeze page & others that I know convert at 45%-50% (which should be your goal). So your list will build in the process of improving your funnel. Remember the main asset and profit comes from your list! see you on the inside. Thank you! Boi Monday FREE Download step by step tutorial Blueprint on How To Make $3000+ Per Month, download it here

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FREE Download step by step tutorial Blueprint on How To Make $3000+ Per Month, download it here